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Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get at Sleepytime Club.

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What is the Sleepytime Club Bedtime System?

Sleepytime Club makes bedtime simple by offering families a nurturing bedtime routine in less than 20 minutes. There are 4 Sleepytime Club Bedtime Kits, each with the same sequence of poems, music, story, and a Put the Day to Bed guided visualization. Each Bedtime Kit has a different theme. It’s a ritual within a ritual! The Sleepytime Club Bedtime Journal gives families time together while capturing precious memories. The Bedtime Kits and Journal come with complimentary recordings of music, poems, guided visualizations, and affirmations. Stream them after tuck-in time to avoid curtain calls. 

Connect, release the day, and reclaim your evenings feeling like a bedtime hero. Want to know more? Sign up to access Sleepytime Club’s Free Resource Library HERE.

What’s The Age Range For Sleepytime Club?

Sleepytime Club is for children who already sleep through the night and is for families with children ages 2-7.  You’ll find that in each bedtime kit, there are vocabulary and concepts that can be enjoyed by older children as well. There’s nothing “toddler-ish” in the content. Adults enjoy the writing prompts and recorded affirmations from Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Journal.

Sleepytime Club’s Free Resource Library has a Done-For-You Bedtime Chart that gives you times for all ages and all schedules. Access that and so much more HERE

What If My Child Wants More Than 20 Minutes?

The question really is: do you have the energy for more than 20 minutes? One of the benefits of Sleepytime Club is the bedtime routine is down! You have a system that is nurturing and engaging. A bedtime ritual that works for your unique family. Sleepytime Club is a little like eating for nutrient density – that 20 minutes will be well spent. You’ll have confidence that your children are being exposed to stories, poems, mindfulness, and other quiet activities that are formational and make memories every night.

Sleepytime Club’s Free Resource Library has fun printables to make bedtime a little special. Access it by signing up HERE

I Can Barely Make It Through Dinner And Get The Kids To Brush Their Teeth. Is Sleepytime Club For Me?

Yes! It’s perfect for every family because it sets up bedtime boundaries. If all you can do is read a short poem from a  Bedtime Kit or the Bedtime Journal, or engage in a calming activity from Bedtime Love Cards, you are one step closer to establishing a bedtime routine that works for the entire family. Then there’s the boundary of the leave-behind album – also known as “curtain call insurance”! You’re guaranteed at least 20 minutes of alone time for yourself. You can ease your evenings tonight by signing up to access Sleepytime Club’s Free Resource Library HERE

Who Creates Sleepytime Club?

Sleepytime Club is written and recorded by Brook Packard. For more about Brook, go to the About Page.

Em Grosland (illustrator) is an artist, performer, and activist. In addition to his work in children’s illustration, he also works as a freelance graphic designer creating logos, websites, and more. Em is also a New York based actor and singer and often marries these two careers as a designer specially suited to create marketing materials for fellow actors, casting directors, and creatives. You can see his work at 

Pat Bianculli (guitar + arrangements) performs with his wife Kathy McDonald. Their site is here.

Do you have any free stuff to help get the kids to sleep?

You bet! Sleepytime Club now has a Free Resource Library. You can access it by signing up here. The free resources will help you have a better bedtime starting tonight.