Stars: Mukwa Meets the Star People (Album Digital Download)


This album helps parents reclaim their evenings after connecting with children. Calming poems, stories, music, and mindfulness that ease busy brains and help kids get to sleep. Get just the album, or the illustrated printable book plus the album HERE.



Children’s bedtime recording. This mp3 album from Stars: Mukwa Meets the Star People has stories, poems, and music that will get kids calm and sleepy. Over 15 minutes long, the Stars digital album includes:

  • The Cuddle Up and Snuggle Up Song
  • Poem: Who has Seen the Wind
  • American Sign Language Poem
  • Oh Watch the Stars, lullaby
  • Folk Tale: Mukwa Meets the Star People
  • Put the Day to Bed guided meditation
  • Classical guitar lullaby: All Through the Night

You can get the soft cover book, plus digital album and downloadable PDF of Stars: Mukwa’s Adventure for $22 by clicking HERE. The PDF version plus this digital album for Stars is $15 on this page.