Stars: Mukwa Meets the Star People (Digital Download)


Stars: Mukwa Meets the Star People is a bedtime book with a purpose: to get the kids to sleep.  Comes with complementary recording of all stories, poems, music, and mindfulness.


This bedtime kit (physical book plus digital album and digital copy of the book) gives children a calm journey to sleep and parents a bedtime ritual that allows parents to connect at bedtime in 20 minutes or less and get on with their evening.


  • Cuddle Up and Snuggle Up Song
  • Interactive poem, (Who Has Seen the Wind?)
  • 6 American Sign Language vocabulary words in a poem to help memorize
  • Lullaby (O Watch the Stars)
  • Story (Mukwa Meets the Star People)
  • The Put the Day to Bed guided meditation for kids and sleep
  • The Sleepytime song
  • All Through the Night on classical guitar

All the stories and songs are recorded on a complementary album

Please note: It’s recommended that you print out the book and not read it on a screen – the blue light interrupts the production of melatonin, a hormone that triggers sleep naturally.

Letter sized (8.5” x 11”), prints landscape

This is an instant download of a PDF file and zip files with 8 separate recordings of the music, guided meditation, American Sign Language poem, and bedtime story.