The Sleepytime Club Snuggle Bundle


Get Brook’s help customizing a bedtime ritual that works for you!

You get:

  • Bedtime Love Cards
  • Bedtime Journal
  • Hearts: Kai’s Adventure
  • PLUS a 30-minute conversation with Brook!
  • Value $177


Sleepytime Club’s Snuggle Bundle gives families everything they need for a nurturing, connecting bedtime routine. You know a consistent bedtime routine is important for sleep and children’s development. But bedtime comes at the end of long and stressful days. Caregivers of children are vulnerable and overwhelmed. Sleepytime Bedtime Kits, Bedtime Journal, and Bedtime Love Cards give you a “bedtime recipe” – a plan that makes this important family ritual simple yet caring and brief. Comes with a personal 30-minute call with Brook Packard so you can easily adapt Sleepytime Club’s bedtime system into your routine.

  • Heart: Kai’s Adventure, $15 for storybook and album
  • Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Journal, $15 for journal plus recordings of poems and affirmations
  • Bedtime Love Cards, $12
  • Thirty minutes personal coaching with Brook, $75
  • Value $117