Moon: The Children and the Kingshuk Tree (Digital Download)


Sleepytime Club’s bedtime kits give overwhelmed parents a nurturing bedtime routine in 20 minutes or less. Connect, release the day, and help children easily transition to sleep. Reclaim your evening by streaming the complementary album of stories, poems, and music confident of bedtime done well.



Moon: The Children and the Kingshuk Tree is a bedtime book with a purpose: to get the kids to sleep. Bedtime is too important to leave to an app! Children feel secure with this bedtime routine in a storybook format.

A gift for children and those that love them. This bedtime kit (digital copy of the book plus downloadable mp3 album) gives children a calm journey to sleep and parents a bedtime ritual that’s easy and can be completed in 20 minutes or less.

Includes: Cuddle Up and Snuggle Up Song, an interactive poem, (The Moon on the One Hand), 4 American Sign Language vocabulary words in a poem to help memorize, 2 lullabies (Good Evening Moon, and Great is the Moon from Japan), story (Children and the Kingshuk Tree), a guided meditation just for kids and sleep and the Sleepytime song.

There is a bonus coloring page of the Mother Goose Rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle – the Cow Jumped Over the Moon”. Don’t color the page at bedtime, but save it for screen-free quiet time.

All the stories and songs are recorded, including a classical guitar arrangement of a beautiful lullaby.

Bedtime is too important to leave to an app!

Please note: It’s recommended that you print out the book and not read it on a screen – the blue light interrupts the production of melatonin, a hormone that triggers sleep naturally.

Note: The Children and the Kingshuk Tree story included in Moon, takes about 10 minutes to read making Moon the longest of Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Kits. Please watch this video to see how you can streamline your bedtime.

**Digital File Info

Letter sized (8.5” x 11”), prints landscape

This is an instant download of a PDF file and zip files with 8 separate recordings of the music, guided meditation, American Sign Language poem, and bedtime story.