Bedtime Journal PDF (Digital Download)


Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Journal for children allows you to release the day, connect with your child, and preserve precious memories. An ideal addition to your family bedtime routine or to use on it’s own.  You will reclaim your evening, confident of bedtime done well. Comes with a complementary album of all the poems and bedtime affirmations. Leave it behind when you’re done to quiet busy brains and end “curtain calls”.



Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Journal: Three Months of Happy Habits lets you connect release the day, connect with your child(ren), and preserve precious memories.  There’s a new bedtime poem every week, along with nightly writing prompts, and “Bedtime Thoughts” – affirmations that support sleep.  Comes with a complimentary album of all the poems and affirmations so you can leave it playing behind and reclaim your evening.

Journaling is an important habit for mindfulness, positivity and resilience. Positive psychologists recommend regular journaling for emotional processing and growth. Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Journal gives children both at their bedside table, promising a lifetime of sweet dreams. A bonus is saving memories of young children (4-8).   A consistent bedtime routine is the key to solving most sleep problems.  This bedtime journal plus album allows parents to reclaim their evenings. If you already have a special bedtime ritual, adding Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Journal  will take 5 minutes. Perfect for nights when you need some “grown up time” while still affirming your love and care for your child.

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Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Journal :

  • 154 pages
  • 12 bedtime poems
  • 84 pages of simple writing/dictation prompts for young children
  • 12 writing prompts for older children
  • 12 “Bedtime Thoughts” – affirmations to help children sleep
  • 24 recordings of all poems and affirmations (link in purchase)

What a beautiful little journal ! Forget the kids, I use this info for myself! Beautifully written and organized. Thank you Sleepytime Club!

Dr. Jill Capalbo