Stars: Mukwa Meets the Star People (Soft Cover Book plus Digital Download)


Bedtime comes around every night giving us the opportunity to release the day, connect as a family, and transition to sleep. Stars: Mukwa Meets the Star People, the first Sleepytime Club Bedtime Kit gives a nurturing bedtime routine in 20 minutes or less.  Children feel secure with this bedtime routine in a storybook format and parents feel confident that they’ve done their best. The complementary recording of all stories, poems, music, and mindfulness to leave behind lets parents reclaim their evenings.


  • Release the day
  • Connect to you child(ren)
  • Reclaim your evening

Bedtime comes around every single night. Bedtime determines whether we sleep…or not. Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Kits give you a plan that works for everyone. Parents, babysitters, grandparents, and older siblings.

You shouldn’t have to be a psychologist, parenting expert, or Zen master to connect with your kids and end the day with love at bedtime. And it’s not fair that you end up sacrificing your evening because they don’t go to bed on time. An intentional and pleasant bedtime routine is the cornerstone of better sleep. Better sleep means better health, happiness, and success.  Sleepytime Club’s bedtime kits are revolutionary because they make bedtime irresistible for both you AND your little ones.  You’ve got a bedtime plan for even the most hectic days.

Stars: Mukwa’s Adventure includes:

  • Cuddle Up and Snuggle Up Song
  • Interactive poem, (Who Has Seen the Wind?)
  • 6 American Sign Language vocabulary words in a poem to help memorize
  • Lullaby (Oh Watch the Stars)
  • Story (Mukwa Meets the Star People)
  • The Put the Day to Bed guided meditation just for kids and sleep
  • The Sleepytime song
  • All Through the Night, classical guitar.All the stories and songs are recorded, including a classical guitar arrangement of “All Through the Night”.NOTE: the album is available only as a download. Soft cover book purchase includes instant digital download of a zip file with printable PDF version of the story and MP3 album. Author signed copy on request.

Stars: Mukwa’s Adventure is available to download and stream on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon.  With this $19 package (total value $35.95) you get a soft-cover bedtime storybook, ( value$11.95), the MP3 album (value $9), and the digital download (value $15).

This bedtime kit has been a dream for my family. It is so simple and easy to do, it has blown my mind. The response of my 4-year-old and almost 2-year-old has completely awed me. My evenings have become more free to get in personal time, time with my husband, and work. There are still times when my son wakes up because he has to go to the bathroom, or my daughter wakes up thirsty, but for the most part, within just 2 weeks of using this bedtime kit and having a solid bedtime routine, our lives have changed.  This nightly routine will be something steady in our children’s lives no matter how much chaos may ensue from moving or environmental changes.  Rosemary Bingaman, Military mom and creator of Essential Mommy Network – a resource for families in the military.

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