Clouds: Why the Clouds are in the Sky (Album Digital Download)




Children’s bedtime recording. This digital album from Clouds: Why the Clouds are  in the Sky includes stories, poems, music, and a mindfulness practice that calm children down and get them sleepy. Twenty-four minutes long.

  • The Cuddle Up and Snuggle Up Song
  • Poem: Five Little Moths
  • American Sign Language Poem
  • Slumber Boat, lullaby
  • Story: Why the Clouds are In the Sky 
  • Mother Goose Rhyme: I Had a LIttle Nut Tree
  • Lullaby: Bim Bam
  • Put the Day to Bed guided meditation
  • Classical guitar lullaby: Dan Dan Soy

You can get the printable illustrated book of  Clouds: Why the Clouds are in the Sky plus this digital album for $15 on this page.