How To

How to…

  • help kids sleep & end bedtime battles
  • streamline your bedtime routine to 10 quality minutes or less
  • have guaranteed “me” time at the end of the day
  • make meaningful family memories every single night

Is bedtime is often a struggle? Just one more thing on your to-do list? You’re even wondering if you’re doing it “right”. You are not alone – Sleepytime Club has a solution.

How to streamline bedtime to 10 minutes or less and have quality time with your little one.

All happy and successful bedtimes start with a book. Sleepytime Club gives you that plus so much more.

Inside each Sleepytime Club bedtime kit, you’ll get an easy to follow, calming routine in story, song, and quiet mindful activities. There’s an illustrated book for printing and an album of stories and songs to turn bedtime into a beautiful, seamless bonding experience for you and your kids.


What’s in Heart, the first bedtime kit for Sleepytime Club members.

A good bedtime book doesn’t have to be boring to put you or your little ones to sleep. Sleepytime Club has everything recommended by sleep experts all in one picture book and leave-behind playlist:

  • Gentle touch
  • Calm and comforting activities to share
  • Physical relaxation
  • Simple peaceful lullaby
  • Story with positive values
  • Gratitude and mindfulness which can be included with a bedtime prayer, if that is part of your family’s tradition

Sleepytime Club’s bedtime kits have a clear journey to sleep – a beginning, middle, and end so no more chants of “just one more story!”

You know who will be really grateful for Sleepytime Club? Your babysitter and other caregivers!

Here’s how it works:

Step One

Click on the download link in the monthly email you receive from Sleepytime Club.

Step 2

Visit your Downloads folder to access the Sleepytime Club Kit on your computer or tablet. Click to unzip the file.

Step 3

Be sure to read the “Read Me First” instructions to make sure bedtime is a breeze.

Step 4

From there, you and your child can bond together with quiet coloring, bedtime stories and songs, and meditation.

Step 5

From there it’s lights out, nighty-night, click play. The playlist of stories and music is designed to lull your child into lasting sleep. Kids thrive on relationship and routine. This is too important to leave to an app!

If there’s a favorite book or family story-telling time you share at bedtime, by all means add that to tuck-in time. Sleepytime Club will enrich the reading environment in your home with the addition of new poems, American Sign Language vocabulary, lullabies, and a mindfulness practice for kids.

Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Kits are for children 2-7 and families of all shapes and sizes. The feedback from families is that the language is mature, the concepts formational, and very young children as well as older siblings enjoy sharing the content of the book part of the bedtime kits.

And for days when 20 minutes is too much time for parents, Sleepytime Club gives you a 10 minute option. That way you can connect, send your child off to dreamland, knowing you’ve done your best.