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Stop the Struggle and Start the Snuggle

  • Release the day
  • Connect with your child(ren)
  • Reclaim your evening

Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Kits – book and downloadable album – give you a bedtime plan.

A nurturing bedtime routine takes less than 20 minutes. Each bedtime kit includes poetry, music, and quiet activities plus a bedtime story. 


When you need to, you can streamline that bedtime routine to 10 minutes.  The video shows you how.

Bedtime comes around every single night. Why not make it the best time? Stop the struggle and start the snuggle. Then get on with your evening confident of a bedtime done right.

Digital downloads of the Coloring Book, Bedtime Kits, and Journal (PDFs plus MP3 albums) are discounted by 60%
until the end of family quarantine.
Enjoy a calm bedtime with new stories, songs, and mindfulness. 

Help children’s peace of mind and easily transition to sleep by connecting every night. Now more than ever we need to be calm and rested for those we love and our communities. Instead of complicated hygiene protocols for library books and online orders, download a comforting digital book plus recording for bedtime, downtime, anytime.

  • All 4 Sleepytime Club bedtime kits (illustrated book plus album) now $6
  • Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Journal (printable journal plus recordings) now $6
  • Sleepytime Club’s Story and Poetry coloring book (12 coloring pages, plus stories, plus recordings) now $4
This is not a limited-time sale. It continues as long as the
current health crisis.