Guided Meditation just for Moms

Guided Meditation just for Moms
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This free guide guided meditation is just for moms. 

Put your oxygen mask on first. Take a break, get some clarity, and affirm you are really doing a great job. Because,  you are. 

What People are Saying about My Time on Insight Timer


So positive!

“So positive and regenerative! I cannot thank you enough!”

Chris H., The Villages


Good for morning too!

“Good for morning! I love her voice and unique guidance!”

Tricia B., Olympia, WA


Thank you! My favorite voice.

“Great mind body connection imagery in a lovely meditation. Thank you.” 

ShellMua, Detroit, MI 


Super energy!

“Thank you for the Supermom energy!  💛💥Namaste.”

Michelle, Greenbrae, CA

About Brook Packard

Brook Packard is an early childhood music specialist. She’s also a mom, educator, and a storyteller with a mission: making bedtime irresistible.

Bedtime is the first, best habit. When you get that ritual down and sleep follows, everything else falls into place. Brook uses her skills as a Gaia Women’s Leadership certified life coach to get families in the bedtime habit.  An intentional and pleasant bedtime routine is the cornerstone of better sleep. Better sleep means better health, happiness, and success. The “Put the Day to Bed” guided meditation is one of those pleasant routines that become a lifetime habit. It’s free and it works.

Moms need rest time too! My Time gives you a simple, 16-minute self-care break when you need it so you can be present.