Are we asking the impossible when we say we want calm and connetion during the school year?

Melitsa Avila of Raising Playful Tots says no – it’s possible. Melitsa gave nearly an hour of her time for the Back-to-School Bedtime Summit.

I’ve never been given so much information and felt so calm about it all!

But that’s Melitsa’s style.

If you haven’t already signed up for the Back-to-School Bedtime Summit, there’s still time. Go here before it goes down on September 15th. Be sure to check out the free gifts and deep discounts for all 4 days before downloading the interviews to listen to at your leisure.

Melitsa has a knack for looking at family issues with clarity and presenting creative solutions with grace – making her the perfect person to speak about how to experience real calm and connection during the busy school year.

Another reason Melitsa’s perfect for that topic is she thought it up!

We all live in the school year – even those of us with empty nests, or teeny tinies, or no kids at all. The program year takes off like a rocket and a lot of what Melitsa has to offer can be applied to everyone, no matter who’s living in the home.

It’s a pretty holistic way to live: healthy daytime routines + healthy bedtime routines = great sleep.

Calm produces calm.

So here are just 3 notes I took from Melitsa’s interview.

1. Make a family vision board, or set an intention for how you’d like the year to play out.
Great idea – right? How many of us set intentions for our days, our health or financial goals, but neglect the school year?This would include determining how many activities per evening before you sign up for those classes and film series. It would include a discussion about what you’d like to carry over from last year and what you’d like to toss.

2. Make family meal time 7 days a week…but not at the same time.
Why didn’t I think of this? In the 21st Century it’s difficult to get everyone around the table every single night. Rather than set yourself up for breaking your own family rules, mix up the meal times. Breakfast together, lunches on the weekends, or just dessert together. You get family time around the table but lighten the stress load.

Melitsa points out that families – particularly kids – thrive on routines, so work together to make your own routines that work for you. She points out it’s not always easy but in the long run it’s a lot easier than embarking on the journey of the school year the way you would a carnival ride in the dark.

3. Plan on calm family connections throughout your days.
As long as you’re in the car driving from one activity to another, make it intentional. Make cleaning up after a meal a fun memory where everyone is contributing in his or her own way. Schedule in some quiet time to be together – the bedtime routine is a great place to be together silently. It takes less than 5 minutes.

And make a family media plan because if you want to connect as a family – you don’t want the intrusion of cell phones, tablets, or endless entertainment to interfere.

The Back-to-School Bedtime Summit is no longer available but you can listen to get Melitsa’s insights by signing up for her blog and the Raising Playful Tots podcast here, and downloading her interview by filling out the form below.


Such a terrific resource and generous spirit. Thank you Melitsa!