How Much Sleep Do Kids Need

You know  your kids need sleep. You learned how vital it is to future wellbeing and health. You’ve witnessed how everything gets off track when your kids don’t get enough sleep. Yet so many of us ask ourselves at least once a week “How much sleep do kids need?” Why...

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Epiphany – flash – insight – discovery – aha! It didn’t take a lightning bolt aha! to tell me my kid needed a nap. It was Sunday, January 8th. She was 14 months old. She was pulling her ear, rubbing her eyes and you could not hear the bishop recite the liturgy of...

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Bedtime Curtain Calls

The bedtime curtain call is not the time for applause. The bedtime curtain call is the time to set up bedtime boundaries. There is nothing charming about them. What is a "curtain call"? It's when your child gets out of bed again and again after you've done your best...

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Father’s Day, Count Your Blessings

  You can read my latest Huffington Post blog in honor of Father's Day here. It's all about what happens when dad tucks you in...more than you'd think! Meanwhile, for Throwback Thursday, a post about gratitude at bedtime from 2015. Here’s a simple bedtime tip:...

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Memorial Day, Sleep, and Vacation

In the US, Memorial Day tends to be the summer kickoff day. Vacation - and summer sleep challenges - are around the corner. Here's how to manage staying on your sleep schedule during post-Memorial Day vacaion fun. Memorial Day has somber and respectful beginnings, but...

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Get Your Sleep On!

The first Facebook private message with a link to this New York Times article had me intrigued. The second and third messages with links to the same article, had me grateful that my friends are thinking of Sleepytime Club's mission. But when I received a text from one...

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