Bedtime Love Cards

What if you had over 50 different ways to make bedtime sweet, nurturing, and brief?

Bedtime Love Cards help you make memories every night and children easily transition to sleep with gentle activities.

You’re a parent who has spent all day with your children. Worked from home, managed the dinner, the cleanup, the scheduling and Zoom links, walked the dog… 

…and as much as you love your family cannot crank up the energy to go through an entire storybook at bedtime. And you don’t want to brush it off because this is important!

What if there was a way to truly be there for your children at bedtime? Even put them in charge so you’re not the “bad guy”?  What if you could affirm your love and still have guilt-free time for yourself every evening?

That’s exactly why I created Bedtime Love Cards. Over 50 different ways to connect with your child(ren) that have you truly listening and sharing with your child(ren) using engaging, calming activities that take less than 10 minutes.  

This precious time of day is too important to leave to an app.

Bedtime Love Cards help you make memories every night so that your children easily transition to sleep with gentle activities.

Bedtime Love Cards give overwhelmed families calm, connecting activities so that children feel safe, secure, and loved.


So what are Bedtime Love Cards? 

Bedtime Love Cards…

  • Are multiple printable sheets with over 50 illustrated calming activities like massage, gratitude, American Sign Language, poetry, and positive bedtime thoughts.
  • Are open-ended suggestions. How you choose to engage with each card will be individual and unique depending on the night or the child.
  • Educational and encourage healthy, happy habits and thinking.
  • Screen free! Bedtime is too important to leave to an app. When we have a genuine relationship with another human being at bedtime, we feel loved and secure, making it easier to transition to sleep.
  • You can have Bedtime Love Cards in each of your children’s room. One of your kids can choose their favorite activity while you tuck another in.


Hi, I’m Brook Packard…

…and I am an early childhood music specialist, writer, certified life coach, and a mom.

A single mother for the first 5 years of my child’s life, I had a messy home, inconsistent income, and a schedule that was bananas but I always made time for bedtime together. When my child outgrew their need for a together bedtime at 12, I began to sleep poorly.  That’s when I realized the power of the pleasurable habit filled with story, lullabies, prayer, wonder, gratitude, and care. 

I believe that bedtime is the first, best habit, and we can have a happier world with intentional bedtimes. Bedtime is the gateway to sleep, and sleep is the cure-all for our well being. It delights me that my adult child still recalls the bedtimes we shared together during those formational years.

Right now, we’re all struggling with schedules gone haywire.

You are asked to wear many different hats,
you doubt yourself, feeling the world is out of control.

So it’s time to reclaim what is under your control.


  • Eliminating overwhelm and decision fatigue at the end of a long day.
  • Every bedtime as a haven for your family.
  • A bedtime routine that’s portable, so that you bring the security of home when you travel.
  • Making memories every night and still enjoy some time with your partner or spouse…or solitude. Remember solitude?
  • Grandparents, extended family, and babysitters knowing exactly what to do at bedtime so that they can share in the joy and give you a break.
  • Your child looking forward to bedtime and sleep and building a foundation for a lifetime habit that guarantees health and happiness.
  • The feeling of confidence that comes with having a bedtime plan and knowing you’ve done your best.

But you may be wondering…

Who are Bedtime Love Cards for?
  • Parents of children 3 to 7 who want to authentically connect with their children every night.
  • Caregivers and babysitters who could use guidance and bedtime enticement.
  • Families who want to add something unique and individual after the bedtime story.
  • Siblings, dads, uncles, aunts, and other family members who want to help out at bedtime but can’t think of anything other than a crazy “fun” pillow fight.

If you’re in charge of a little one’s bedtime, you need Bedtime Love Cards.

Can I really connect with my child in less than 10 minutes?


Yes! Pediatricians and child psychologists studied quality versus quantity of time spent with children and concluded it’s quality time that’s beneficial to children. You know this. We remember most those small, sincere moments like a hug, a smile, or holding a hand.

Is it ok to let my child choose the activity or activities from the Bedtime Love Cards?

Absolutely! Children love being “the boss”. Many sleep experts recommend for children who are oppositional or resistant about bedtime to choose the bedtime story. The problem is, what if they choose a super long book that feels like reading War and Peace? (I’m looking at you, Velveteen Rabbit!) Or a book that encourages a wild rumpus and jumping on the bed?  

If you go back on your promise and ask them to choose a different book that brings up a whole other set of problems. 

Bedtime Love Cards give children a limited choice. You can have them choose the card or how many cards with the guarantee that all the activities encourage calm connection and nurture a transition to sleep.

Aren’t they going to get tired of or bored when we repeat a Bedtime Love Card?

Children never get bored when they’re next to a caregiver who gives the child their full attention. Children thrive on routine, particularly if that routine involves a comforting and understanding adult.

Once you’ve established a consistent bedtime ritual, Bedtime Love Cards give you variety. The suggestions in the Bedtime Love Cards will come out differently even when they’re repeated. For example, as you both practice the American Sign Language expression for “thank you” you’ll be sharing what you’re grateful for in that moment. The poems can be memorized, or you can use it as an opportunity to ask an open-ended questions about the day.

You use non-binary language in your cards and Sleepytime Club Bedtime Kits. Why is that?

I began using non-binary language years ago when I was teaching in early childhood. It began as a practical decision for story time. It was exhausting to keep a spread sheet of how many girl characters were brave and active, or how many boy characters were nurturing and receptive.

In the 21st century, we are seeing more parents foster children who accept positive qualities that aren’t identifiable as male or female but human

Another thing you’ll never see in Sleepytime Club books are a mom and dad tucking a child in to bed together. The journey to sleep is between a child and their caregiver. Sleepytime Club makes bedtime simple for all families because it’s love that makes a family.


Get started tonight!

Get Your Bedtime Love Cards for $20.

Bedtime Love Cards are like having over 50 personalized picture books.


Get your Bedtime Love Cards for $20 with these bonuses: 

For $20 you get:

  • Bedtime Love Cards in PDF printable form (value $20)
  • Every image of all 50+ Bedtime Love Cards as a high-quality PNG (Portable Network Graphic) for sharing on your phone or tablet (value $8)
  • Twelve printable “backs” for the cards, 9 coloring pages (value $7)
  • Total value of bonuses: $35
  • Plus a simplified bedtime and years of family memories