Never worry about when it’s lights out or time to start the bedtime routine with this Done for You bedtime chart by age. It’s free and with the Bedtime Worksheet, you can adjust your family’s sleep schedule based on your needs.

The first thing sleep experts want you to know is different ages have different sleep needs. Posting this Done for You bedtime chart on your fridge will be a major step in ending the arguments about sleep and setting bedtime boundaries.

Hi there! I’m Brook Packard

I’m a mom, early childhood music specialist, and storyteller. Sleepytime Club is my way to get kids to sleep easily and help parents both connect with their children at bedtime and reclaim their evenings.

When sleep goes right, everything goes right.

As a certified life coach through the Gaia Women’s Leadership program, I believe we can change the world by putting sleep, connecting at bedtime, and all the good things that accompany that process first. More about me and Sleepytime Club is on the About page here.