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Learn how tweaking what you’re already doing every single night can banish overwhelm, get better sleep, and have a happier, more harmonious family.

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The one thing that will improve your family’s health by at least 50% without spending any extra time or adding anything to your to-do list.

Why you don’t need to invest time or money to drastically improve your family’s sleep.

How and why a consistent bedtime will improve your child’s social and academic success tomorrow and for years to come.

…and discover how knowing your family’s sleep requirements can give you 7+ hours every single week.

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Hi, I’m Brook Packard

…and I believe bedtime is the first, best habit. And that we can change the world with an intentional bedtime. I’ve spread the word on Huffington Post, WCAX, Prevention Magazine, and podcasts like “A Little Breathing Space” and “The Stepmom Coach”. My experience as an early childhood educator and music specialist led me to create Sleepytime Club.

Sleepytime Club’s bedtime kits give overwhelmed parents a nurturing bedtime routine that takes less than 20 minutes so they can make memories every night, help children easily transition to sleep, and reclaim their evenings.

What people are saying about Sleepytime Club and The Bedtime Blueprint.

A treat

The Bedtime Blueprint has become a precious resource. Informative and research-based, I now release the day, let go of perfectionism, and treat myself to lovely evenings.”

Rev. Sarah Shirley, Air Force Chaplain

Good for morning too!

“Good for morning! I love her voice and unique guidance!”

Tricia B., Olympia, WA

Thank you! My favorite voice.

“I felt a wave of relief the instant I mapped out our family bedtimes. This one simple action freed me from feeling frazzled and overwhelmed to ready to take on whatever events may come our way.”

Shannon Boyce-Reisman, LMP

Super energy!

“Thank you for the Supermom energy! 💛  💥   Namaste.”

Michelle, Greenbrae, CA

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