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Get kids to sleep fast, free, and naturally with Sleepytime Club

I know you want to be there for your family and your work. Most importantly, you want your family to appreciate and remember you as a present and caring parent. Not someone who’s resentful or too busy to participate in the simple activity of bedtime.

The problem is we’re overwhelmed and over-stimulated.  And let’s get real: it is fun to binge-watch Netflix or get lost in social media. Which makes it a challenge to resist. But external stimulation will never replace real-life connections and create genuine memories. “I feel so great after scrolling Instagram and Facebook for 3 hours,” said no one ever.

I believe no one should need a Ph.D. in psychology or be a Zen master to get the kids to sleep. And I believe no adult should sacrifice their evenings to never-ending requests from restless children.

When sleep goes right, everything goes better.

Bedtime boundaries are essential for happier families, confident parents, and better sleep. That’s why I created Sleepytime Club. It gives you a simple alternative you can use to stop the struggle and get the snuggle. Every single night.

Sleepytime Club bedtime kits give you more than a bedtime story. Each step along the way to sleep allows you to connect through stories, poems, and music. And there are gentle activities like American Sign Language and calming touch. Your child will go on a journey to sleep that takes less than 20 minutes.

Your child will feel so loved up, safe and secure, that bedtime will be a time of day they look forward to. And they’ll remember you as the parent or caregiver who took the time to make memories. Every single night.

Once you’ve read through the book, you leave behind the included recording by streaming it on a Bluetooth speaker. Why? We want to keep screens out of the bedroom, so kids grow up to be healthy adults.

Parents have found that when their children listen to Sleepytime Club recordings, the kids get to sleep without curtain calls or repeating requests for glasses of water or one more hug. The journey to sleep is so affirming, it may even banish all monsters under the bed.

And you confidently reclaim your evening feeling like a bedtime hero.

Heart Sleepytime Club Bedtime KitHere’s another great thing: On nights when you can only handle 10 minutes or less, you can have your child choose two or three of their favorite activities because there are so many parts to a Sleepytime Club book.

More than one child? Give them their own copy to look through. While you tuck one child in, the other is choosing their own bedtime routine. You know kids love to be “the deciders”!

So, get started tonight with a Sleepytime Club bedtime kit.

Note: Due to the pandemic, I’m not shipping any hard copies. You can get an instant download of an illustrated, printable storybook plus album at a deep discount for the duration of this crisis. Get a bedtime kit now at the Sleepytime Club shop.

COMING SOON: Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Love Cards. Get on the list to be notified of when they’re released.

About Brook: Sleepytime Club’s Founder

Hi! I’m Brook Packard. Mom, musician, teacher, and creator of Sleepytime Club.

I know what it’s like to have my evenings slip away from me, night after night after night, because my family’s schedule was overwhelming and stressing me out. Work, parenting, and just plain life in the 21st century were overriding my child’s bedtime routine.

My child was deprived of a connecting, calm ritual and I was suffering from lack of sleep and self care.

Desiring a balanced evening after a day’s work is not a matter of “wanting it all”.  It’s not a privilege or a luxury. Yearning for a simple way to connect with those you love, reclaim your evenings, and get some sleep without resentment is essential.

In fact, it doesn’t get more basic than sleep, safety, family connection, and the freedom that comes with knowing your evenings are under your control.

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About Em & Pat: Sleepytime Club’s Creative Team

Sleepytime Club’s bedtime kits have a purpose: To get kids to sleep and parents some freedom every single night.

Sleepytime Club’s bedtime kits – bedtime books and albums that give children a journey to sleep – are enriched with beautiful illustrations and music. Em Grosland is the illustrator of everything from American Sign Language words, to stories and poems, and the peaceful “Put the Day to Bed” practice. When we go into the studio to record everything, Pat Bianculli is there supporting me on guitar. Pat also arranges lullabies from around the world for classical guitar – the last recording on the Sleepytime Club bedtime kit playlist.

It all adds up to sweet dreams and a bedtime routine that gives families genuine connection in 20 minutes or less.


Em Grosland

Em Grosland

Em Grosland is an artist, performer, and activist. In addition to his work in children’s illustration, he has been working as a freelance graphic designer creating logos, infographics, icons and more for over 10 years. Em is also a New York based actor and often marries these two careers as a designer especially suited to create marketing materials for actors, casting directors, theatres, and other creatives. Em received his degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from Washington University in St. Louis. You can see his work at or contact him at

Pat Bianculli

Pat Bianculli

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Pat began playing guitar at the age of 13. His earliest musical influence was his father, Philip, an accomplished woodwind player and jazz musician. Following in his footsteps, he played popular music in dance and club bands throughout the city. In 1972, he began intensive study in classical guitar receiving his M. Mus. degree from the SUNY Stony Brook in 1981. The same year, he had the honor of performing for the legendary guitarist, Andres Segovia, in Granada, Spain. Other teachers  have included Alexandre Lagoya, Angel Romero, and Timothy Walker. Pat’s travels as a recitalist have taken him around  much of  the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean.  Pat’s release  Hill of Slane: Psalms, Sonatas, and Sojourns is a collection of music for flute and guitar, with his wife, Kathleen McDonald. Dr. Ray Tuttle, reviewer for, writes: “…this is a ‘feel good’ CD –perfect at the end of a trying day.”