Brook Packard

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About Brook Packard & Sleepytime Club

Brook Packard is an early childhood music specialist. She’s also a mom, educator, and a storyteller with a mission: making bedtime irresistible for parents and kids.

Why? Because a bedtime routine is the cornerstone of a healthy sleep routine, and better sleep means better health, happiness, and success. Happier kids, happier families, happier world.

Brook suffered from sleep issues for years, bouncing around from doctor to doctor hoping they’d solve the problem with a magic pill. But as we all know from fairy tales and bedtime stories, there’s never a magic pill. The Ruby Slippers don’t get Dorothy back to Kansas, and houses made of twigs and straw might be faster to build but don’t stand a chance against the Big Bad Wolf.

Slow and steady wins the race and there are treasures to be found in the journey’s adventure.

Brook’s love of the power of story, (see what we did in that last paragraph?), music, and genuine excitement about the magic of childhood are all factors in the creation of Sleepytime Club. She’s been married to the retired Episcopal Bishop for Federal Ministries, George Packard, and for many years traveling to visit military families while working in faith formation and as a music director/soloist in churches in the metro New York City area and Southern Connecticut.

Brook was voice faculty and Assistant Director of Concordia Conservatory and continues to perform in venues such as The Princeton Festival, b-sides productions, and New York Music Theatre Festival (NYMF).

Brook has written books for Oak, Coracle, and Morehouse Publications and blogs for Huffington Post, Sleepytime Club, and Building Faith. Under a Western Sky, released by Brook’s children’s label Lingonberry Music, was cited as one of the top 5 independent releases for children by Billboard. She’s been interviewed by Prevention Magazine on eating for sleep and bedtime habits and is a certified life coach through the Gaia Women’s Leadership Project.

Brook believes the first best habit is bedtime. It’s pleasurable and leads to sleep. And when sleep goes right, everything goes right. See how easy it is to get your sleep on track. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation about streamlining your family’s bedtime routine by clicking HERE.  

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About Em & Pat: Sleepytime Club’s Creative Team


Sleepytime Club’s bedtime kits – bedtime books and albums that give children a journey to sleep – are enriched with beautiful illustrations and music. Em Grosland is the illustrator of everything from American Sign Language words, to stories and poems, and the peaceful Put the Day to Bed practice. When we go into the studio to record everything, Pat Bianculli is there supporting Brook on guitar. Pat also arranges lullabies from around the world for classical guitar – the last recording on the Sleepytime Club bedtime kit playlist. It all adds up to sweet dreams and a bedtime routine that gives families genuine connection in 20 minutes or less.


Meet Em Grosland

Em Grosland is an artist, performer, and activist. In addition to his work in children’s illustration, he has been working as a freelance graphic designer creating logos, infographics, icons and more for over 10 years. Em is also a New York based actor and often marries these two careers as a designer especially suited to create marketing materials for actors, casting directors, theatres, and other creatives. Em received his degree in Graphic Design and Illustration from Washington University in St. Louis. You can see his work at or contact him at




Meet Pat Bianculli

Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Pat began playing the guitar at the age of 13. His earliest musical influence was his father, Philip, an accomplished woodwind player and jazz musician. Following in his footsteps, he played popular music in dance and club bands throughout the city. In 1972, he began intensive study in classical guitar with Jerry Willard and Edgard Dana, at the Guitar Workshop in Oyster Bay, NY. He received his M. Mus. degree from the SUNY Stony Brook in 1981. The same year, he had the honor of performing for the legendary guitarist, Andres Segovia, in Granada, Spain. Other teachers and coaches have included Alexandre Lagoya, Angel Romero and Timothy Walker. As a recitalist, he has been heard across the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. Tim Page, of the New York Times, described Mr. Bianculli’s performance of J.S. Bach as “…a sensitive musician…he juxtaposed workmanlike playing with passages of real inspiration”. And of his Nocturnal by Benjamin Britten …”{Mr. Bianculli} was true to the works improvisatory quality, calling up some ominous, shimmering overtones from the instrument”. In 1999, he released his first CD with guitarist Harris Becker entitled “Catgut Flambo”. The Atlanta Audio Society Journal wrote about the CD, “The stylish, elegant playing of these artists is bound to win friends for this music wherever there are listeners who relish the rare and beautiful.” In 2009, Pat released Hill of Slane: Psalms, Sonatas, and Sojourns, a collection of music for flute and guitar, with his wife, Kathleen McDonald. Dr. Ray Tuttle, reviewer for, writes: “They are dedicated, polished musicians, with a will to communicate, not just with their listeners, but with each other. In its own modest way, this is a “feel good” CD –perfect at the end of a trying day”.