Get Kids to Sleep Fast, Free, and Naturally

Meditate, don't Medicate

Written and recorded by Brook Packard, Illustrated by Em Grosland

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This free guide guided meditation and illustrated book will get the kids to sleep naturally.

Put the Day to Bed helps children make an easy transition to sleep by guiding them through their day, releasing the events, and placing them on a cloud ship for safekeeping. Print out and read the book together, connecting at bedtime in a meaningful way.

Bedtime made simple for happy good nights.

What People are Saying about “Put the Day to Bed” on the Insight Timer Meditation App


The best guided meditation for sleep I've done

“I’m not a kid but this is the best guided meditation for sleep I’ve done! Her voice! The visuals! Love it.”

Praia a Mare, Italy


Love it!

“I use this every day. Love it!”

Boston, MA


Thank you! My favorite voice.

“So soothing, my favorite voice yet.”

Miami, FL



Great! Sharing this one

This was great! I’m sharing this with one of the families I work with who has a 3-year-old who fell in love with mindfulness apps.

West Springfield, MA

About Brook Packard

Brook Packard is an early childhood music specialist. She’s also a mom, educator, and a storyteller with a mission: making bedtime irresistible.

Bedtime is the first, best habit. When you get that ritual down and sleep follows, everything else falls into place. Brook uses her skills as a Gaia Women’s Leadership certified life coach to get families in the bedtime habit.  An intentional and pleasant bedtime routine is the cornerstone of better sleep. Better sleep means better health, happiness, and success. The “Put the Day to Bed” guided meditation is one of those pleasant routines that become a lifetime habit. It’s free and it works.