Do You Struggle with Your Child's Bedtime?

The Sleepytime Club system stops the struggle and gets the snuggle.
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Do You Dread Your Child’s Bedtime?

Is your child's bedtime a nightly battle?

Do you feel guilty for wanting some peaceful "me" time?

Does it make you question whether you're doing a good job as a parent?

Do you worry this battle will go on for years?

Do you feel everyone else can get it together, except you?

Do you need a plan for bedtime that works for everyone?

FREE Guided Meditation For Sleep

This free guided meditation for sleep with illustrated book will get the kids to sleep naturally…and FAST.

“I use this every day. Love it!”

Boston, MA

Sleepytime Club Bedtime Kits work for…


Single parents


Older siblings


Other caregivers

If you’re in charge of a little one’s bedtime, you need a Bedtime Kit.

Why a Sleepytime Club Bedtime Kit?

Sleepytime Club’s bedtime kits are revolutionary because they make bedtime irresistible for both you AND your little ones. An intentional and pleasant bedtime routine is the cornerstone of better sleep. Better sleep means better health, happiness, and success. But how can you get there? The answer is a Sleepytime Club  bedtime kit.

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You shouldn’t have to be a psychologist, parenting expert, or Zen master to connect with your kids and end the day with love at bedtime. And it’s not fair that you end up sacrificing your evening because they don’t go to bed on time.

Bedtime comes around every single night. There is no magic wand that can get your children to sleep. But we can promise that Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Love Cards and Bedtime Kits (coming soon!) will make bedtime happier, calmer, and easier for you to stay consistent. And consistency nurtures sleep.

Bedtime Love Cards and other Sleepytime Club systems, give your child bedtime boundaries. And they give overwhelmed parents a simple plan for a bedtime routine. A routine that’s pleasurable and as unique as every child. 

Most important, no matter what kind of day you had, you can be confident you’ve done your best as a parent to connect with your child meaningfully at bedtime.

Release the Day, Together

Look forward to bedtime and let go the chaos, overwhelm and stress of the day – together.

Connect with Your Child(ren)

Create memories with your little ones, a legacy for them to continue with their children.

Reclaim Your Evening Without Guilt

Get off the bedtime hamster wheel and enjoy your much-needed adult time.

Feel the calm and confidence of bedtime done well.

What Our Families are Saying

“This bedtime kit has been a dream for my family. It is so simple and easy to do, it has blown my mind. My evenings have become more free to get in personal time, time with my husband, and work.  This nightly routine will be something steady in our children’s lives no matter how much chaos may ensue from environmental changes.”

Rosemary Bingaman, Military mom and creator of Essential Mommy Network – a resource for families in the military.

“Your sleep kit just REVOLUTIONIZED our bedtime. This is simply incredible! By far the easiest transition into sleep we’ve ever had.

I have my life back! When I meet you I’m going to give you the biggest hug you’ve ever gotten.”

– Giavanni Washington, aka Dr. G, Founder of Black Creative Goddess workshops.

“Sleepytime Club gives you everything you need to give your kids the experience of a simple yet enjoyable, easy yet profound wind-down routine.

It’s an incredible gift to give them, and to the world–because can you also imagine the world they’ll create with that much extra good sleep in their tanks?”

Kate Hanley
Author, mom, “How to be a Better Person” podcast

“Studies indicate repeatedly that children who live in a family environment where sleep is prioritized through wholesome bedtime routines grow up healthier, happier, and more successful.

My wife wishes Sleepytime Club was around 30 years ago to help her.”

Dr. Robert Rosenberg
Answers for Sleep, author of Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day and The Doctor’s Guide to Sleep Solutions for Stress and Anxiety

“The world needs happier people, less stimulated young ones, and Sleepytime Club has come up with an ingenious way to teach mindfulness practice to children as young as the age of two.

If every family engaged in this daily, we could change the world. No kidding.”

Mark W. Price
Actor, independent teacher of Vedic Meditation, + father