Brook Packard

Hi, I’m Brook Packard.

I am a mom, educator, storyteller, caregiver, and…after years of struggle, a really good sleeper. I want to help kids sleep, help families connect at bedtime in a nurturing environment, and bring some peace to overwhelmed parents.

Sleepytime Club is…

  • my way to share what I’ve learned about making the shift from a bedtime routine that might work to one that definitely does.
  • about honoring sleep & bedtime routines as significant parts of a healthy, well-rounded, intentional, and successful life.
  • about using that powerful time before sleep to cultivate good habits.
  • healing story and song, and developing strong bonds for a diversity of families.
  • Sleepytime Club is dedicated to connecting the dots when it comes to sleep and health, and making tuck-in time delightful.

More about Brook…

Growing up, my home was filled with music of all sorts; from my father’s love of Billie Holiday to my mother’s love of the American Songbook.

I used to put on my mother’s wedding dress, sit at the piano and dream about what I wanted to be when I grew up –

a kindergarten teacher by day and a nightclub singer by night.

In my teens, I babysat, performed guitar at local church basements, and composed songs for my school plays.  My work as a director or composer for kids’ theater workshops continues even today.

I love empowering kids through music and the collaboration of performance.  I’ve worked in early childhood education as a classroom teacher and as a music and movement specialist.

Along the way, I was trained as a Music Together teacher.  And I soon branched out creating, adapting and sharing my own curriculum throughout the greater New York City area and at schools in southern Connecticut and Westchester County.

Later, I started Lingonberry Music – children’s music label – releasing three albums.  One of which, Under a Western Sky, allowed me to collaborate with Tom Paxton and Larry Campbell. Billboard Magazine selected it as one of the top 5 independent releases of 1993.

My longest term as a voice teacher was at Concordia Conservatory in Bronxville, NY where I became Assistant Director. During those years, I taught individuals, directed the Children’s Music and Arts Camp, and directed the Vocal Arts Summer Camp.

You know what really quickens me? The spirituality of music and story.

One place I’ve witnessed the power of song as 4-time music director for Kairos Outside retreats. These retreats provide women with incarcerated family members an opportunity to connect, build community and share in a safe space.

Throughout my musical journey, I just refused to use the canned curriculum – kids need to sing, play, move, and be empowered to create for themselves.

In the past three years my credits include:

  • New York Music Theater Festival, 2013, premiering a scene from the musical Deuces Wild by Riley Thomas (watch for him and the movie “Stuck”!)
  • Butterflies Are Free, Mrs. Baker, Broward Stage 2014
  • A Man of No Importance, Mrs. Grace, b-side productions 2015
  • A Little Night Music, Madame Armfeldt, Princeton Festival 2016

Fun Facts:

  • Huffington Post Blogger
  • Writer of stunts and trivia questions for the TV show Double Dare
  • Gave Giselle Bundchen voice lessons
  • Sang “Sensitive New Age Guys” entirely in German as a tribute to Christine Lavin on Big League Babe with George Wurzbach and David Buskin
  • Was a cataloger and librarian for The Museum of Broadcasting: I got paid to watch TV!
  • Edited 20+ books on instrument instruction for Music Sales


Using Your Guitar (Music Sales)
When the Bishop Comes to Visit (Church Publishing)
Desert Island Bible Study (Coracle Publishing)




Everyone wants to learn how to make bedtime simple and get some sleep…and I love sharing what I know. Content for your podcast, blog, local news…whatever…I’m there to help spread the word on the importance of bedtime, sleep, and family. Fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you pretty quickly. Dream on!