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You can get “me time” or “partner time”.

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Does this seem familiar?

Here we go again.

It’s forty five minutes after bedtime and no one is asleep. 

Not even close.

I see the clock ticking, hear the calls from the bedroom…just one last hug or glass or water…just one more story or yet another question.

This bedtime battle is keeping you from your partner, your work, your life.

Not to mention what tomorrow morning will look like. A cranky kid who can’t focus. A frustrated parent losing patience.

The day passes and then…

It’s bedtime once again.

 Will it ever end?

Bedtime routine. Ha! The experts tell you that you need one, but what the heck does that even mean?

Let’s be real…who’s got the time or the energy to read even one of the countless books on sleep. I mean some of them feel like War and Peace at the end of the day.

And then there’s the boredom. Sure you understand kids thrive on consistency, but how many times can one person read Goodnight Moon without going batty?

Plus, is it such a bad thing to just want 20 minutes at the end of a long day to sit on the couch and do nothing
if you want to?

Truth time: you do not have to struggle with bedtime any more. You don’t have to sacrifice your precious end-of-day alone time either. You also don’t have to read every book or muddle through trial and error to figure out what works.

I’ve done that for you. I’m a kids’ music specialist, teacher, and a mom who used to be a very bad sleeper. 

That’s where Sleepytime Club comes in. It’s a step-by-step routine you can follow each evening to help your child transition to sleep without the struggle.

Sleepytime Club is bedtime made simple.

First, Sleepytime Club’s bedtime kits are all downloadable. You can have one right now for bedtime tonight. What you’ll get when you download it is:

Bedtime picture book with stories, songs, and quiet mindful activities.

The content is perfect to calm kids down, and offers a variety of things to share like interactive poems, American Sign Language, and even a mindfulness practice to help children put the day to bed and drift off to sleep.

Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Kits are so much more than a book or even an anthology. 

They’re a journey to sleep – same routine, same “cue” words and songs. It takes 20 minutes to go through with some caring interaction. And never fear…I’ve also included tips on the “How-To” page to make it 10 minutes long for days when you really need to get some alone time.

Leave Behind Playlist

Here’s where you’re guaranteed that 20 minutes a day of guilt-free “me” time. 

The playlist sets up bedtime boundaries because everything in the Bedtime Kit has been recorded.  There’s also a beautiful classical guitar piece at the end.

Your child will still have the memory of what you shared during tuck-in time so you can simply say good night, put on the playlist, and leave the room with the agreement that there won’t be any calling out or leaving until the playlist has finished.

As one Sleepytime Club Mom asked “What did you put in these bedtime kits? Sleep crack?”

Ironic, since a nurturing bedtime routine is a non-medicated way to get everyone to sleep. Tonight, and every night.

 Why don’t you try one out now and see? You can download Stars, the first bedtime kit for free HERE.

Help your child sleep easily night after night.

Feel the peace, calm, & rest
that come with a simple bedtime routine.


Sleepytime Club

Each month, as a Sleepytime Club member you and your child will enjoy a special bedtime routine that marries song, story, quiet play, and mindfulness in a simple and creative way. Think of Sleepytime Club as multi-dimensional — like a book-of-the-month club club and album of recorded song and story just for tuck-in time. Children love routine and surprises, so each month brings a new book to read and memorize, new games to play and new songs to enjoy.  Each month you’ll receive the same routine but with different themes in the form of a full-color illustrated e-book and original recorded album.

Here’s what’s in each Sleepytime Club bedtime kit:

Settle down & Snuggle Each tuck-in time starts with the Snuggle Up and Cuddle Up song. Over time this will be a “cue” song that lets your child know it’s time to make the transition to sleep.

Lullaby Love Lullabies are heirlooms that can never be taken away or tarnished. Your family will learn 2 new simple lullabies each month – a connection that bonds you for life, and between generations. Everyone is musical – everyone can sing – and to the child in your care, you have the most beautiful voice in the world.

Engage Together Your family bonds will deepen as you enjoy this special time together learning new things. You and your child will experience new poems & songs, quiet games, and a story that captures the imagination, builds character, and reinforces important values.

Enjoy Sleepytime Club gives parents and caregivers confidence that you are doing your best for your child – prioritizing sleep, giving them the connection they crave, and no indecision about what to read or do. You know it’s important to have a bedtime routine that’s more enriching and connecting than brushing teeth and putting the pajamas on – but can you really face Goodnight Moon again? It’s a 20-minute (or less!) routine if you go through it quickly, or you can linger – sharing how you feel about the stories, poems, and songs.

Put the Day to Bed At the end of each Sleepytime Book you will help guide your child through classic relaxation techniques while going through the day with gratitude and putting everything “away” on a cloud…or a bird…or a ship…. And then it’s night-night, lights out as your child falls asleep to a special Sleepy Time album – all the stories, lullabies, and quiet time you shared together ending with classical guitar.  Because when we sleep, we learn – processing all the events of the day. Put the Day to Bed ensures that transition is peaceful.

There are two simple, cost-effective ways to get regular sleep. The first is exposure to natural sunlight within two hours of awakening. The second is to establish a consistent, calming, bedtime routine. Studies indicate repeatedly that children who live in a family environment where sleep is prioritized through wholesome bedtime routines grow up healthier, happier, and more successful. Dr. Robert Rosenberg

Answers for Sleep, author of Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day and The Doctor's Guide to Sleep Solutions for Stress and Anxiety

Imagine if you had grown up knowing how to calm yourself down before you went to bed. Imagine how much more sleep you would have gotten through the years, and how many fewer anxious, middle-of-the-night thoughts you would have had. If only you could pass that wisdom along to your kids… Oh wait, you can. Sleepytime Club gives you everything you need to give your kids the experience of a simple yet enjoyable, easy yet profound wind-down routine. It’s an incredible gift to give them, and to the world–because can you also imagine the world they’ll create with that much extra good sleep in their tanks?

Kate Hanley, Ms. Mindbody

writer, life coach, mom

Sleepytime Club is for you if want to nurture…

  • a deep sense of safety & comfort in children
  • literacy, creativity, & stories that are formational for children
  • respect for sleep & bedtime routines that last a lifetime
  • shared stories, songs, & quiet activities that can be passed down from generation to generation
  • inclusion of all family members in this important transition time
  • a routine that makes bedtime simple every night…including for caregivers

Sleepytime Club is not for you if…

  • your family bedtime routine is down pat
  • all the adults &  older siblings in the family can pinch-hit during tuck-in time
  • your bedtime repertoire of stories, poems, & lullabies is extensive & you’re researching more with your local library’s help
  • you are free to have a night out without worrying about the mayhem inflicted on your babysitter around bedtime


Your sleep kit just REVOLUTIONIZED our bedtime. We weren’t through the first two songs when he started to yawn and snuggle with his daddy. He barely made it to the last goodnight music. This is simply incredible! By far the easiest transition into sleep we’ve ever had.

My son spent the whole night in his bed again last night and he was sleep before the story was over. He LOVES the sign language and listens for where he can sign those words in other songs. It’s so simple to learn the signs when it’s in a story and included in bedtime. And just now tonight I told him before he went to bed that I was really excited and actually looking forward to bedtime together.

I have my life back! When I meet you I’m going to give you the biggest hug you’ve ever gotten.

Giavanni Washington, aka Dr. G

Founder of Black Creative Goddess workshops.

This bedtime kit has been a dream for my family. It is so simple and easy to do, it has blown my mind. The response of my 4-year-old and almost 2-year-old has completely awed me. My evenings have become more free to get in personal time, time with my husband, and work. There are still times when my son wakes up because he has to go to the bathroom, or my daughter wakes up thirsty, but for the most part, within just 2 weeks of using this bedtime kit and having a solid bedtime routine, our lives have changed.

This nightly routine will be something steady in our children’s lives no matter how much chaos may ensue from moving or environmental changes.

Rosemary Bingaman

military mom and creator of Essential Mommy Network - a resource for families in the military.

sleepytime club starsYour best bedtime routine…and immediate peace of mind…is just a click away. Give a Sleepytime Club Bedtime Kit a try now.

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