Do you have trouble getting the kids to sleep?
We have the solution you can start using tonight and reclaim your evenings.

You can go from frazzled to peaceful on night one.

You can get “me time” or “partner time”.

Right away. Guaranteed.

This bedtime kit has been a dream for my family. Within just 2 weeks of using Sleepytime Club’s bedtime kit, our live have changed.  It is so simple and easy to do, it has blown my mind. The response of my 4-year-old and almost 2-year-old has completely awed me. My evenings have become more free to get in personal time, time with my husband, and work.

Rosemary Bingaman

Military Mom, Essential Mommy Network

Your sleep kit just REVOLUTIONIZED our bedtime. We weren’t through the first two songs when he started to yawn and snuggle with his daddy. He barely made it to the last goodnight music. This is simply incredible! By far the easiest transition into sleep we’ve ever had.

Dr. Giavanni Washington

Rhythm Quest

Here’s how it works:

  • Download a Sleepytime Club bedtime kit – an illustrated storybook plus an mp3 album.
  • Print the book for reading, or access it on your tablet or phone.
  • Read through it together – it’s a journey to sleep and takes 20 minutes or less to go through.
  • Say that last “good night”, leave behind the mp3 album as a playlist on a device or stream it on your phone or tablet.
  • Enjoy your evening!

Get the Bedtime Blueprint free – everything you need to know about planning for sleep right on the fridge.

Get Stars, Sleepytime Club’s first bedtime kit, free. Illustrated storybook and digital album.

There are two simple, cost-effective ways to get regular sleep. The first is exposure to natural sunlight within two hours of awakening. The second is to establish a consistent, calming, bedtime routine. Studies indicate repeatedly that children who live in a family environment where sleep is prioritized through wholesome bedtime routines grow up healthier, happier, and more successful. Dr. Robert Rosenberg

Answers for Sleep, author of Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day and The Doctor's Guide to Sleep Solutions for Stress and Anxiety

Imagine if you had grown up knowing how to calm yourself down before you went to bed. Imagine how much more sleep you would have gotten through the years, and how many fewer anxious, middle-of-the-night thoughts you would have had. If only you could pass that wisdom along to your kids… Oh wait, you can. Sleepytime Club gives you everything you need to give your kids the experience of a simple yet enjoyable, easy yet profound wind-down routine. It’s an incredible gift to give them, and to the world–because can you also imagine the world they’ll create with that much extra good sleep in their tanks?

Kate Hanley, Ms. Mindbody

writer, life coach, mom

Help your child sleep easily night after night.

Reclaim your evenings, connect and bedtime and still get some grownup time.

Feel the peace and comfort that come with a simple bedtime routine.


A Sleepytime Club Monthly Membership includes
  • Bedtime Kit: Illustrated storybook + MP3 album, same journey to sleep, new content each month
  • Bedtime Passes (to end curtain calls)
  • My Sleepytime Club Book cover coloring page
  • My Morning + Bedtime Routines Chart
  • Wind-Down Time, new content each month with…
    Lullaby, illustrated lyrics + MP3
    Mother Goose Rhyme, coloring page + MP3
    Story, Poem, or Song, words + MP3

Sleepytime Club is for you if want to nurture…

  • a deep sense of safety & comfort in children
  • literacy, creativity, & stories that are formational for children
  • respect for sleep & bedtime routines that last a lifetime
  • shared stories, songs, & quiet activities that can be passed down from generation to generation
  • inclusion of all family members in this important transition time
  • a routine that makes bedtime simple every night…including for caregivers

Sleepytime Club is not for you if…

  • your family bedtime routine is down pat
  • all the adults &  older siblings in the family can pinch-hit during tuck-in time
  • your bedtime repertoire of stories, poems, & lullabies is extensive & you’re researching more with your local library’s help
  • you are free to have a night out without worrying about the mayhem inflicted on your babysitter around bedtime


sleepytime club starsYour best bedtime routine…and immediate peace of mind…is just a click away. Give a Sleepytime Club Bedtime Kit a try now.

Which one will it be? A new bedtime kit with the same journey to sleep every month or a one-time try?  Either one will make bedtime simple…and nurturing. Give it a try now. Stars, the first bedtime kit is free here.


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